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Structured pricing options*

Pricing Structure Options:

By the HourBy the Half Day (4hrs)By the Full Day (8hrs)By Deliverable

Your specific pricing model could include any number of variations in terms of how to combine different elements of hourly or per session charges with charges by deliverable. Most likely the deliverable charge would be a tiered pricing structure, with say 10 stills and 1 short video going for $600, or 20 stills and 1 video going for $850, and so on. 

Here’s a low-end-of-the-spectrum mockup of a possible combination of the different pricing approaches, with an hourly rate combined with a per deliverable package:

Base rate $50/hour on site
Basic photo package $180 for 5 edited photos (includes 1 hour on site)
Mid-level photo package $280 for 10 edited photos (includes 1 hour on site)
Basic video package $500 for 2 minute edited video (includes 1 hour on site)
Combination package $650 for 10 edited photos and a 1 minute video 
Footage Editing $50/hour for photo or video editing 
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Charges for Drone Services *

Average hourly rates by industry

Industry Average Hourly Rate
Real Estate$158
Emergency Response$170
Oil & Gas$195

*Based on survey results of an industry study conducted by Airstoc. 

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Welcome to Drone Photography & Video.

Waterproof Drones are above to hover over water and follow water sports WITHOUT GETTING WET!!!
Waterproof Drones are able to hover over water and follow action water sports WITHOUT GETTING WET!!!

Drones Can Go Over The Mountains & Even Higher…

The goal of the new Drone Photography & Video website is to make adding rich content simple and enjoyable. This whole post is composed of pieces of content somewhat similar to other Drone Sites but at the same time nothing like any other drone site. This site is one that you can move around and interact with. Move your cursor around and you’ll notice the different areas of our website light up with outlines and arrows. Press the arrows to move around quickly, without fearing about losing things in the process of viewing and posting.

What you are reading now is a basic drone shot, the most basic shot of all. The picture has its own beauty & the drone moves freely around the object in the photos frame to bring out the beautiful color and imagery that was always there, to begin with…… like this one, which is a beautiful shot.

Our photographic Headings are separate images as well, which helps with the outline and organization of your content for your own purposes. Our imagery is formatted and functional as soon as you receive your micros SD card with all your footage on it, which allows you an option of unsurmountable choices.

A Picture is Always Worth a Thousand Words!!!

Handling your images and media with the utmost care is a primary focus of the Drone operator. Hopefully, you’ll find aspects of adding captions or going full-width with your pictures to make things much easier and robust than ever before for you to enjoy your content captured from our licensed Drone Operators.

A Beautiful landscape For All Seasons!!!
A Beautiful landscape For Any Season!!!

If your dream supports it, you’ll see the “Drone Flight Screen” in the hands of the Drone Operator in real-time, ask your Drone Operator about it and Give it a try.

The Instructor School Option*

Imagining everything that Drone Photography and video can do is available to you quickly and in the same place on this easily useable interface. No need to figure out HTML tags, classes, or remember complicated short code syntax. That’s the spirit behind the Instructor School option, ease of use. We have plugins and themes that “Instructors” are able to register to their own respective audiences, opening up all sort of possibilities for rich editing and publishing to many different: markets, styles and brands.

Go give it a try, you may discover things Drone Photography and videoing can already add into your posts that you didn’t know about. Here’s a shortlist of what you can currently find here:

  • Text & Headings
  • Images & Videos
  • Galleries
  • Embeds, like YouTube, Tweets, or other WordPress posts.
  • Layout blocks, like Buttons, Hero Images, Separators, etc.
  • And Lists like this one of course 🙂

Visual Edit Fomatting

A huge benefit of Drone Photography and videos is that you can edit them in the place we are flying and manipulate your content directly in real-time. Instead of having fields for editing things like the source of a quote, or the text of a button, you can directly change the content.

The video editing will endeavor to create a new “look” and post live building experiences that makes shooting rich content effortless, and is ready to make it easy what today might look like where you have no short-codes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed to make through some accidental discovery.

Richard Pearson, 2019

The information corresponding to the source of the quote is a separate text field, similar to captions under images, so the structure of the quote is protected even if you select, modify, or remove the source. It’s always easy to add it back.

Blocks can be anything you need. For instance, you may want to add a subdued quote as part of the composition of your text, or you may prefer to display a giant stylized one. All of these options are available in the inserter.

Media Rich
If you combine the new wide and full-wide alignments with galleries, you can create very media-rich layouts, very quickly:

Accessibility is important — don’t forget image alt attribute

Sure, the full-wide image can be pretty big. But sometimes the image is worth it.


The above is a gallery with just two images. It’s an easier way to create visually appealing layouts, without having to deal with floats. You can also easily convert the gallery back to individual images again, by using the block switcher.

The above is a gallery with just two images. It’s an easier way to create visually appealing layouts, without having to deal with massive footage when it’s not necessarily needed. You can also easily convert your gallery back to individual images again, by using our editing service to deliver you top-notch quality photos.

You can build any custom photo or video block if you like, static or dynamic, decorative or plain. For a full quote sample block:  -contact:


Drone Photography & Video Are Both Forms Of Visual Poetry

Drone Photography & Video Are both Visual Poetry


Thank you for using GamingHQ Drone and Video Photographers!

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Calabasas Estates

We needed to see what was up in the hardest-to-reach spots of vents and they had a drone that could find it, and we did! Thank you for your help in assisting us with our ventilation system. What a clever way to use a drone we never would’ve thought of it… Calabasas Estates

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Training Tip: When the checklist can wait!!!

Checklists are important, but not as important as flying the airplane.

Welcome, Trouble viewing Flight Training, view online. Questions or comments? Contact AOPA.
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AOPA Flight Training VOL 21, ISSUE 49 December 3, 2021
Training Tips When the checklist can wait Sponsored by Aircraft Spruce When the checklist can wait Nothing is impressed more emphatically upon new student pilots than the importance of using checklists, but in some situations there’s no time for that. Read more >
Technique Article The heat is on As much of the continental United States enters prolonged periods of cold weather, it’s time to review how engine fires start. Read more >
Flight Training News CFI David Strassburg remembers what it's like to be a student You Can Fly CFI David Strassburg remembers what it’s like to be a student David Strassburg, the 2021 AOPA Flight Training Experience Award winner for best flight instructor in the Eastern region, has no illusions about being a super pilot. (Photo by David Strassburg.) Read more > 'There I was...': Red Bull tunnel flight Podcast ‘There I was…’: Red Bull tunnel flight In the latest episode of the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s There I was… podcast, hear Red Bull Air Race competitor Dario Costa talk about the painstaking preparation for his 44-second flight inside two Turkish highway tunnels. Listen to the podcast >
Apply for aviation scholarships this holiday season Article Apply for aviation scholarships this holiday season Take advantage of your upcoming holiday time off by applying for a variety of scholarships. Read more > Accident Analysis: Home for the holidays Premium content Accident Analysis: Home for the holidays For aircraft owners, holiday travel to visit friends or family seems like the perfect use for personal aircraft, but that requires flexibility on timing. Read more > Seaplane duel; Fully loaded Skylane panel AOPA Live This Week Seaplane duel; Fully loaded Skylane panel We film two classic flying boats going head-to-head for bragging rights and show you a Cessna Skylane that sports more Garmin glass than we’ve ever seen in a piston single. Watch AOPA Live This Week® >
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Career News 10,000th ATP CTP student graduates from ATP Flight School Article 10,000th ATP CTP student graduates from ATP Flight School ATP Flight School has surpassed a major milestone in its ATP JETS airline training program: more than 10,000 graduates through its airline transport pilot certification training program. (Photo courtesy of ATP.) Read more > Beechcraft Denali makes first flight Article Beechcraft Denali makes first flight Aspiring career pilots might one day fly the Beechcraft Denali single-engine turboprop. The Denali completed its maiden flight November 23 and is expected to be certified in 2023. (Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation Inc.) Read more >
Aviation job board Job of the week: Citation Mustang flight instructor, FlightSafety International FlightSafety International is seeking a full-time, permanent Citation Mustang ground/simulator instructor for its learning center at the Orlando International Airport in Florida. Read the full description and apply today > AOPA career opportunities Join the AOPA team Ever dream of turning your passion for aviation into a career? AOPA is looking for a managing editor, a development content manager, a contracts manager, a marketing specialist, and a UX/UI designer. To learn more about these and other AOPA career opportunities, visit AOPA Online >
Training Products and Resources Login required Safety quiz: Pireps The best way to find out about the actual weather is from someone who has already been there, which is why timely pilot weather reports are so helpful. Test your reporting skills with this AOPA Air Safety Institute quiz. Note: Products listed have not been evaluated by Flight Training editors unless otherwise noted. AOPA assumes no responsibility for products or services listed or for claims or actions by manufacturers or vendors.
Member Benefits Join the 'December 12 Days of Flying Challenge' Article Join the ‘December 12 Days of Flying Challenge’ If you’re using general aviation to travel this holiday season, use the AOPA app’s Pilot Passport feature to check in at airports along the way. Read more >
Pilot Protection Services Preventing heart disease A new book by a cardiovascular surgeon provides helpful information for pilots looking to prevent, combat, and reverse heart disease. Read more > Member Benefit Understanding your credit score Depending upon which bucket your credit score falls into, there are two ways it will affect your loan. Read more >
Photo of the Week Imports and upgrades Imports and upgrades Wondering what the future of light sport aviation could be? Look no further than the sharp-looking, speedy, and capable VL3 from JMB Aircraft. AOPA Senior Photographer Mike Fizer captured the European import on camera. Follow @flywithAOPA on Instagram to see more photos from AOPA members and staff.
Final Exam Question

Is flying through snow showers considered flight into known icing?
  Answer Aeronautical Information Manual Table 7-1-7 defines “Known or Observed or Detected Ice Accretion” as “actual ice observed visually to be on the aircraft by the flight crew or identified by on-board sensors.” Actual adhesion to the aircraft, rather than the existence of potential icing conditions, is the determining factor in this definition. This winter, take a few extra minutes to study the current and forecast weather, icing charts, alternatives, and pireps, and review your exit plans to make an informed go/no-go decision regarding icing. Join the discussion >

This discussion is from our online Pilot Information Center, where you can ask questions, contribute answers, earn badges, and join our growing pilot community online. (Log in to the online Pilot Information Center using your AOPA website username and password to see this discussion.) Did you know that student pilots who join AOPA are three times more likely to complete their flight training? Membership includes unlimited access to aviation information by phone (800-USA-AOPA, weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time) or from AOPA Online. Have a question for our technical services staff? Contact AOPA.
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