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ePilot: First look at Flight Design’s F2; Inspiring new pilots

Top Stories Flight Design's NextGen: The F2 series Multimedia Flight Design’s NextGen: The F2 series Flight Design’s F2 looks a lot like its CT stablemates to the untrained eye, but it’s bigger all around and filled with technology. We fly the second two-seat prototype and learn about the four-seat version that’s in the works.
Read more, view photos, and watch a video > Aviation teachers, industry leaders compare notes You Can Fly Aviation teachers, industry leaders compare notes The sharing of ideas, information, and teaching tips during the sixth annual AOPA High School Aviation STEM Symposium presented as a Livestream by the U.S. Air Force flew by at a torrid pace.
Read more and watch a video > Pistons continue to prop up aircraft market Article Pistons continue to prop up the aircraft market While the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the aviation industry, piston aircraft sales bucked the trend with a third-quarter uptick.
Read more > Flight Design F2; Electric Audi; Virtual STEM AOPA Live This Week Flight Design F2; Electric Audi; Virtual STEM We flew Flight Design’s roomy new F2; took the Audi e-tron SUV for a test drive; and inspired another group of teachers to promote a passion for aviation through science, technology, engineering, and math lessons.
Watch AOPA Live This Week® >

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Make sure this is on your pre-flight checklist!

AssuredPartners has services to keep you flying safe

  Assured Partners AOPA Insurance Partner Whether you’re flying your own airplane, renting from others, instructing, or running an aviation business, insurance is on the pre-flight checklist.  As AOPA’s strategic partner for aviation insurance, AssuredPartners Aerospace provides an unmatched depth of knowledge and resources all driven by the desire to set a new standard for service and responsiveness. Our experience has been honed over years of working closely with the nation’s best insurance carriers– and we understand the needs that make aviation insurance unique.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the best choice when it comes to your aviation insurance needs.  You will find our Blog full of valuable and timely articles that help explain everything from “BasicMed and how it relates to your aviation insurance” to “Upgrading to a larger, more complicated aircraft”.

We have also crafted two guidebooks that put complex aviation insurance lingo into simple to understand language.  We invite you to download a copy of our Owner or Renter Guidebook, get yours today!     If you’d like more resources, expert advice, or a quote on your aviation insurance, please visit or call us at 800.622.2672. We look forward to serving your aviation insurance needs now and in the future. © 2020 AOPA  •  421 Aviation Way Frederick, MD 21701 US 800.872.2672  •  301.695.2375 Fax
Preference Center  • AOPA Terms and conditions: 1Discount applies to pay later base rate only. Taxes and fees excluded. Available at participating locations worldwide. Discount will vary depending on location, date length of rental, car class, and other factors; discount will not apply in all cases. Additional terms apply. 2No charge for an additional driver that is a spouse or domestic partner that meets standard rental qualifications for travel within the U.S.
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Your FlightPath Has Arrived!

Are you giving back for Veterans Day?

  FlightPath Issue 11.2020   Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter Instagram Instagram YouTube YouTube   Image Courtesy of AOPA Member Andres. Image of aircraft with "U.S. Air Force" on the side and sunset in the background. Man in aircraft saluting towards camera.   Thank an Airport Employee Intro   Read Submission Button: Click Here to read more about Airport Employee Winner.   Image of text thanking all members who took the time to submit an airport employee that is important to them.   Learn with AOPA   AOPA is proud to support and thank those who have bravely served in The United States Armed Forces. We appreciate our veterans, their contributions to society, and the sacrifices they have made to protect our freedom. 

Our veterans are an important part of the AOPA community, and we are humbled by their service and engagement in the aviation community. Without you, AOPA and aviation would not be where it is today. We are forever grateful. 

We ask, in support of our veterans, that you take the day to recognize and thank those who have served and, if able, support one of the many organizations below through monetary donation, physical donation, or volunteering.  Wounded Warrior Project Veterans of Foreign Wars Vietnam Veterans of America Center for Women Veterans (CWV) U.S Department of Veterans Affairs At AOPA, we will be encouraging all employees to make donations to Charlotte Hall Veterans Home!   Would you like to have your image featured in FligthPath? Submit your image by clicking here.   Learn with AOPA   The State of Safety: New Joseph T. Nall Reports

The Air Safety Institute is excited to announce the release of the 29th and 30th Joseph T. Nall Reports. The reports feature mobile-friendly displays of near real-time accident data, including data as far back as 2008 and trends well into 2020.     READ IT HERE Get Ready for Winter Weather

Learn how to recognize and avoid dangerous precipitation and icing and find tips on exit strategies for unexpected and inadvertent icing encounters.   BE PREPARED   AOPA Webinars to Keep You Sharp

Register for one of these free wide-ranging webinars taught by flying topic experts. Each webinar is designed to keep you informed and safe but most importantly, to get you to have fun!   CHECK THEM OUT HERE Prerecorded Don’t Get Rusty Webinars

Watch a series of fun presentations on flying topics to help keep you proficient. Each webinar is hosted by the You Can Fly Flight Training team.   WATCH NOW   Do You Lean for Taxi?

When does it help and when is it dangerous? See the poll results from over 16,000 pilots, read the helpful discussion, and get expert tips.   GET THE SCOOP   Protect with AOPA   Aviation and CBD: Do They Mix?
We hear and see a lot of advertisements touting the benefits of products containing CBD. But can pilots and others in the aviation industry use these products without jeopardizing their hard-earned positions requiring FAA certificates or employer mandated drug tests?     READ MORE BAMA Introduction

AOPA has recently started up an AOPA Board of Aviation Medical Advisors (BAMA) that will provide superb expertise in advancing solutions to address long overdue reforms to the FAA’s medical certification processes.   READ MORE   Own with AOPA   Ready to Buy But Can’t Find Your Airplane? 

You are pre-approved for a loan, all you need is the plane of your dreams. The only problem is there doesn’tseem to be any on the market, or at least at what you think is a reasonable price.   READ MORE I’m Looking to Upgrade. What Rate is Normal for Me? 

Adam answers in November’s edition.   READ MORE     Hang Out with AOPA   AOPA Holiday Cards Aviation Holiday Cards: Designing the Magic

Sending holiday cards is a tradition we all cherish. Each year, you’ll find there are endless options to choose from. But do you know how are these cards made?   FIND OUT   Make a Difference with AOPA   Image of two people looking at aircraft Help GA Prepare For 2021

We need your help preparing to address the challenges that general aviation will continue to face in the coming years. Let’s start this new year strong!   GIVE TODAY   Image of AOPA Legacy Foundation wall Your Legacy, On The Wall

Including the AOPA Foundation in your estate plans? Notify us by December 31 and we can add your name to the Legacy Wall at AOPA Headquarters in the spring.    NOTIFY US NOW   Partner with AOPA   People sitting by car with dog. AVIS logo in bottom left-hand corner. Celebrate your way

This season, AOPA members can save up to 30% off Avis’ PAY NOW rates when making a reservation with Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number A451362.    LEARN MORE     Fly with AOPA   November Pilot Passport Challenge

Home for the Holidays Challenge: use the App’s Pilot Passport feature to earn region badges in November.   LEARN MORE   Podcasts with AOPA   AOPA Podcast Logo Images   LISTEN NOW       Update your Preference Center
Did you know that you can update your preference center and choose your emails? Just click here and select what you’d like to receive.    Make Sure You're Getting the Most out of Your Membership. Click here to see what you're missing!   © 2020 AOPA  •  421 Aviation Way Frederick, MD 21701 US 800.872.2672  •  301.695.2375 Fax
Preference Center   • AOPA
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ePilot: eVTOL future moves closer; Salute to veterans

A ride like George Jetson’s might be closer than you think. Plus, one veteran gets a special flight.

AOPA ePilot VOL 22, ISSUE 46 November 13, 2020
Top Stories Florida fosters flock of future flyers Article Florida fosters flock of future flyers Florida officials are eager to host a hub for electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft on the doorstep of one of the state’s busiest airports; elsewhere, aspiring flying cars hit the road, take flight, and approach approval. (Image courtesy of Lilium.) Read more > For love of a rare bird; Honoring veterans; Safe integration AOPA Live This Week For love of a rare bird; Honoring veterans; Safe integration We take you inside a lifelong fascination with a rare seaplane. Also, we thank veterans for their service, join one World War II pilot for a special flight, and detail North Dakota’s drone safety investment. Watch AOPA Live This Week® >
Technique and Safety Sporty's upgrades online training courses Article Sporty’s upgrades online training courses Sporty’s Pilot Shop recently upgraded its online pilot training courses to allow students to study however, wherever, and whenever they want. (Image courtesy of Sporty’s.) Read more > Drone safety: Real-world risks, rewards Webinar Drone safety: Real-world risks, rewards AOPA Air Safety Institute Senior Director Paul Deres, AOPA Drone Pilot Editor Jim Moore, and public safety pilot Steve Rhode will examine unmanned mishaps to highlight useful lessons on November 18 at noon Eastern time. Register here >
Webinar Invisible, odorless, deadly Learn how to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning when risk increases with the use of cabin heat in the winter during an AOPA Air Safety Institute webinar on November 19 at 7 p.m. Eastern time. Register here > Video Easy as a pirep Controllers cover the fine points of filing pireps in this installment of the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s Ask ATC series. In-flight icing Login required In-flight icing Structural icing is one of the greatest hazards of winter flying for light aircraft. This AOPA Air Safety Institute quiz will help you recognize and avoid icing conditions.
Advocacy Pilots weigh in on records database plan Advocacy Pilots weigh in on records database plan Pilots and flight departments surveyed about the proposed electronic Pilot Records Database expressed a range of concerns including undue burdens and lack of transparency. Read more > Drone integration advances Article Drone integration advances When the FAA recently announced the end of one drone integration effort and the beginning of another, one state stood out for offering a solution that would place no new burdens on pilots. Read more and watch a video >
AOPA Member Benefits
Health Pilot Protection Services Medical falsification and the FAA The FAA recently adopted a prompt settlement policy for legal enforcement actions against individuals alleged to have committed several types of violations related to medical certification. Read more >
Gear Time traveler Article Time traveler Watchmaker Jack Mason has teamed with AOPA to create a purpose-built luxury chronometer that’s ruggedly stylish. (Photo courtesy of Jack Mason.) Read more > Sporty's ornament celebrates Piper Cherokee Sporty’s ornament celebrates Piper Cherokee The 2020 Sporty’s Pilot Shop Crystal Christmas Ornament celebrates the line of single-engine Piper Cherokee aircraft that first appeared as a two-person model in 1960. The ornament is available online for $24.95. (Photo courtesy of Sporty’s.) The Bose difference Bose created content The Bose difference Bose aviation headsets are born out of a rigorous research and development process that has been refined over many decades to yield the best combination of noise cancellation, comfort, and clarity. Read more >
Travel 'Third Thursday' airport gathering 11 years strong Pilot magazine ‘Third Thursday’ airport gathering 11 years strong An unofficial dinnertime gathering—no agenda, no budget, no speeches—at Iowa’s Mason City Municipal Airport has attracted pilots for 11 years. Read more > Want more general aviation travel stories? Sign up for our free AOPA Travel Pilot biweekly newsletter.
Financial Article Avionics sales hit by coronavirus pandemic Sales of avionics for business and general aviation aircraft in the first three quarters of 2020 declined 27 percent from those in the same period in 2019 as the industry absorbed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more > Member benefit I’m looking to upgrade. What rate is normal for me? AOPA Aviation Finance Co. President Adam Meredith explains the factors that influence interest rates for aircraft purchases. Read more >
News and Notes STOL showdown to headline Sun 'n Fun holiday event Article STOL showdown to headline Sun ‘n Fun holiday event Up to 125 pilots flying five classes of aircraft will compete December 4 and 5 to achieve the best short takeoff and landing performances, with money and a national ranking up for grabs. Read more and watch a video > Breaking barriers: Meet Anthony Lawrence Article Breaking barriers: Meet Anthony Lawrence U.S. Air Force 2nd Lt. Anthony Lawrence always knew he wanted to fly. Earning his place among some of the world’s top pilots required persistence and consistency. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Air Force 2nd Lt. Anthony Lawrence.) Read more >
Article Spotlight on service Sport pilot, Airport Support Network volunteer, and U.S. Army veteran George Chase shares how his military service inspired him to learn to fly. He has given many introductory flights and helped revitalize his local airport. Read more > Becoming an airline pilot today ATP Flight School created content Becoming an airline pilot today ATP has placed graduates at airlines every year since 1984, helping pilots navigate industry challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Today, that experience is being put to work to define a clear path for the next generation of pilots. Read more > Podcast ‘Hangar Talk’: Polar circumnavigator Robert DeLaurentis Citizen of the World pilot Robert DeLaurentis reflects on what he learned, the people he met, and the science experiments he conducted during a polar circumnavigation in a Gulfstream Twin Commander 900. Listen to the podcast > Airworthiness advisories AD affects Austro Engine GmbH E4, E4P engines
Career Opportunities Aviation job board Job of the week: A&P mechanic, Haggan Aviation Haggan Aviation, located in Englewood, Colorado, is seeking experienced A&P mechanics. Since 1996, Haggan has been performing heavy and light inspection checks on small and midsize corporate aircraft, including but not limited to Lear and Hawker airframes. Read the full description and apply today >
Question of the Week Question

I am an instrument-rated private pilot, and I am considering pursuing additional certificates and ratings, and becoming a flight instructor. I have a first class medical with third class privileges. Would I need to get a new first or second class medical to work toward my goal?
  Answer No. The federal aviation regulations require a medical with third class privileges to act as pilot in command for your commercial and CFI practical tests and to act as a flight instructor and pilot in command. A medical certificate is not required for flight instructing unless the instructor is acting as PIC or a required crewmember. See FAR 61.23 for additional information. Join the discussion >

This discussion is from our online Pilot Information Center, where you can ask questions, contribute answers, earn badges, and join our growing pilot community online. Got a question for our technical services staff? Contact AOPA.
AOPA Member Benefits
Education & Seminars AOPA’s in-person educational courses and seminars have been canceled or postponed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Stay sharp with our webinars, podcasts, and videos. Upcoming AOPA webinars Nov. 18, 12 p.m. EST Drone safety: Real-world risks, rewards Nov. 18, 7 p.m. EST AOPA Rusty Pilots – Webinar edition Nov. 19, 7 p.m. EST CO … It’s a gas Dec. 2, 7 p.m. EST AOPA Rusty Pilots – Webinar edition Dec. 4, 12 p.m. EST AOPA Rusty Pilots – Webinar edition   See the full webinar schedule in our online Pilot Information Center. (Log in to our online Pilot Information Center using your AOPA website username and password to view these events.) View our recently recorded webinars (registration required). Latest AOPA Pilot Lounge videos CST Flight Services COVID-19 travel guides Earthrounder, crash survivor, and public speaker Ryan Campbell George Antoniadis – PlaneSense You Can Fly Champions How a PPS panel attorney protects AOPA members ‘Bachelor’ star Peter Weber   For a full list of Pilot Lounge videos, see AOPA Online. AOPA podcasts ‘Ask the A&Ps’: ‘You’re not going to fall out of the sky because the camshaft wears’ ‘Hangar Talk’: Polar circumnavigator Robert DeLaurentis ‘Hangar Talk’ Flight Time series: John Zimmerman ‘Pilot Briefing’: Week of Nov. 9, 2020 ‘There I was…’: Todd Clark ‘Never Again’: Rental pilot reluctance ‘Pilot Protection Services Podcast’: Predicting the future   To see all AOPA podcasts, visit AOPA Online.
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