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Reminder: You’re Invited to Have a Seat at the Table

Bread & Roses Café is serving our homeless neighbors this holiday season.
  Have a Seat.   You’re invited to provide a meal for someone in need.   Ronald’s Road to Recovery Started with a Hot Meal at Bread and Roses Café   Ronald lost his job at the age of 60 and soon ended up homeless; his life soon spiraled out of control.   Frightened and hungry, Ronald found his way to Bread & Roses Café. While there, he couldn’t believe the dignity he received. “I was shown so much kindness there,” he remembers. Ronald started to look forward to his daily meal and the human connection he felt at the Café. Soon, Ronald worked with SJC staff to help him begin the journey to stabilize his life.   Through the Bread & Roses Café, Ronald got mental health support for his PTSD and depression. Today, Ronald lives in permanent housing and is ready to start the next chapter in his life–opening his own carpentry business. “I urge people to give to Bread & Roses Café,” Ronald says. “It helped me stabilize physically and mentally.” Donate   Hello Richard,   After the pandemic struck the LA homeless population, St. Joseph Center’s Bread and Roses Café experienced a significant increase in costs and a 63% increase in meals served daily. Because of the generous support from people like you, we now serve more than 37,000 nutritious meals to people coping with homelessness and hardship annually.   Today, we invite you to “Have A Seat” at the table and make a contribution that will help Bread and Roses Café continue serving hot, nourishing meals to our community this holiday season. The Café relies on private donations to operate–your support is valuable and critical for everything from buying food to keeping the lights on.   Two Ways YOU Can Help BREAD & ROSES CAFE Support Clients Like Ronald   1. Donate to our Bread & Roses Café.   2. Host a fundraiser in honor of St. Joseph Center. Click here to download fun ideas!   Follow, Share, and Tag Us @stjosephctr on social media posts with your friends and followers.   With a grateful heart, Happy Holidays from your friends at St. Joseph Center   DONATE STAY CONNECTED  
St. Joseph Center | 204 Hampton Drive, Venice, CA 90291
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