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ePilot special report: Avionics upgrades for every budget…

Increase the value and utility of your aircraft by upgrading the instrument panel.

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Special message
Aircraft ownership is an investment. One way to increase the value and utility of your aircraft is through upgrading its instrument panel. In Part 4, the final installment of AOPA ePilot‘s quarterly Aircraft Ownership series, we share ideas for upgrading your avionics on a tight budget, transforming your dated instrument panel to a glass cockpit, and pitfalls of buying used avionics. In addition, we bring you the latest news from the Aircraft Electronics Association International Convention & Trade Show. If you missed our previous installments, look back for advice on aircraft maintenance, buying and selling an aircraft, and boosting an aircraft’s performance.
AOPA ePilot Aircraft Ownership series Part 4: Avionics upgrades June 23, 2021
Top Stories Steam-to-digital swaps prove popular Article Steam-to-digital swaps prove popular The list of modern digital instruments available for certified aircraft in sizes similar (or identical) to the steam gauges they replace is growing, giving owners of older aircraft ever more capable, realistic upgrade options. (Photo courtesy of Garmin.) Read more > Out with the old, in with a glass cockpit AOPA Sweepstakes Grumman Tiger Out with the old, in with a glass cockpit We had a choice to make for the AOPA Sweepstakes Grumman Tiger avionics overhaul: retro glass, or big glass. We went big. Read more > Frugal or foolish: Pitfalls of buying used avionics Pilot magazine Frugal or foolish: Pitfalls of buying used avionics Knowing when to buy and when to pass is key to shopping the used avionics market. Here’s some advice from an avionics shop owner and aircraft owners with lots of experience buying used instruments. Read more >
AEA International Convention MyGoFlight HUD gets FAA approval Article MyGoFlight HUD gets FAA approval MyGoFlight announced June 22 that its SkyDisplay head-up display has earned FAA supplemental type certificate approval. Read more > Appareo announces new flight data recorder Article Appareo announces new flight data recorder Appareo’s new 4K Airborne Image Recording System can offload data via cellular networks. (Image courtesy of Appareo.) Read more > Article Gogo stepping up to 5G Gogo Business Aviation reports that its Avance L5 and L3 in-flight connectivity systems are installed on 2,000 business aircraft delivering 4G connectivity. The company will launch a 5G system in 2022. Read more > Shadin introduces new integration products Shadin Avionics is reaching far beyond its well-known aviation fuel flow meters and producing new avionics offerings that focus on updating obsolete instrument panels. The company’s Avionics Interface Systems (AIS) products are designed to simplify aircraft modernization and support future updates. Shadin also is launching a new website to help customers identify solutions for specific aircraft and assist in the configuration and installation of AIS units.
Webinars Video What’s new at Garmin? Garmin Regional Sales Manager Joe Stewart talks about Garmin avionics ranging from integrated flight decks to autopilots during this recorded presentation from the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo. Watch the webinar > Video Aspen Evolution ProMax Learn about Aspen Avionics’ entry-level and high-end offerings in this recorded webinar from the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo. Watch the webinar >
Featured Video Flying IFR with new Garmin avionics Video Flying IFR with new Garmin avionics A Beechcraft Bonanza’s 1980s instrument panel gets a modern makeover. AOPA Editor at Large Dave Hirschman puts it to the test to see if it eases pilot workload during a currency flight in instrument conditions. Watch the video >
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