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Mini 2 is here. End of FAA IPP. Suing the FAA over Remote ID. Free Insurance Webinar.

  Weekly Drone News Update   Drone News: Mini 2 is here. End of FAA IPP. Suing the FAA over Remote ID. Free Insurance Webinar. This week in Drone News: the DJI Mini 2 is here and we have a free course for its little brother. The end of the FAA IPP program means there’s a replacement around the corner. A group is planning to sue the FAA over the Remote ID in December. And lastly, a free insurance webinar with Skywatch.

You can watch the video by clicking on the image above or by visiting our channel.    Watch the Video       New Free Course: DJI Mavic Mini Deep Dive  Most people don’t read manuals – and for good reason. They are usually dry, academic, and written in small font. We put together this free video course to show you the features or the Mavic Mini in a fun and engaging way. The DJI Mavic Mini has quickly grown to be loved by the drone community. It’s small, agile, and has a capable camera. It’s also significantly cheaper than larger drones.

We have put this course together so you can see what this drone can do. This is a sample of what you’ll learn: How to use all the intelligent flight modes Understand RTH to prevent losing your drone A complete look at the drone, controller, and app including settings most people don’t know about   Enroll for Free       Drone Insurance Webinar for Pilot Institute Students Skywatch Drone Insurance will be hosting a private event for Pilot Institute students who have questions about drone insurance.

Skywatch’s insurance experts will be available live to answer your questions. This is an exclusive event available only to Pilot Institute students (if you’re a student but not in our Facebook group, please reply to this email to get the registration link).    Register today       Have you joined our Study Group on Facebook? Students enrolled in our Part 107 course qualify to join our study group on Facebook. Join hundreds of other pilots who are also studying and engage with our graduates. 

If you’re a student, join the group today.    Join the Group       Congratulations to our graduates Let’s brag about our graduates. A lot of our grads aced it last week. Congrats to the following people for making the best of the current situation, if you scored over 90, be sure to claim your free shirt! 🎉🎈🎊🍕   🏆 Evan W. 93 
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🏆 T. S. 82   Become a student for $149       A free shirt? The shirts are back in the store. To celebrate, we’re giving a free shirt to any Pilot Institute student who used our course to pass the written exam with a score of 90% or more in 2020. Contact us to claim your shirt!    Go to the Store LinkedIn     Copyright © 2020 Pilot Institute, All rights reserved.
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