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Your FlightPath Has Arrived!

  FlightPath Issue 12.2020   Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter Instagram Instagram YouTube YouTube   Image Courtesy of Anonymous AOPA Member. Aircraft flying past snow-covered mountain.   Photo of December's Pilot of the Month, Kobie Short excerpt of Kobie's story.   Kobie, AOPA Pilot of the Month, December 2020 READ ABOUT KOBIE: Click Here Submit your story: Click here   Image Courtesy of Anonymous AOPA Member. Aircraft flying past snow-covered mountain.   Holiday Traditions with AOPA   No matter who you celebrate with or how you celebrate, everyone is bound to have their own, special holiday traditions. So we asked our followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram what their favorite holiday traditions were and wanted to share with you! 
  “Playing holiday music on my grand piano” – Steve McNeilly.

“Making lefse with [my] grandparents” – @forever.e.melodie

“Making the short flight from Payson, AZ (KPAN) to get pies for the family” – @campmo1

“Christmas day boat ride!” – @mahashawnie

“Watching Christmas Vacation after getting the tree!!!” – @renee_ellie_

What Holiday Tradition will you Create This December?

No matter what new traditions you create or traditions you continue forward with, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season full of love, light, and laughter. Please enjoy our last, and most importantly, seasonal, issue of FlightPath.

We’ll see you in 2021!   Get Cozy with AOPA   Holiday Shopping Like a Pro

Become an expert-level holiday shopper with these 5 holiday shopping organization steps.   GET ORGANIZED Budgeting For The Holidays

The holiday season is here. It’s the season of giving but also the season of spending. Don’t miss these tips and tricks to save for holiday gifts.       FIND YOUR BUDGET   Learn with AOPA   172 Lands at Busy Class B

Landing at a busy Class Bravo isn’t something GA pilots do often. Watching this experienced pilot handle rapid-fire ATC and task saturation is an interesting and valuable lesson. 
    VIEW VIDEO Prerecorded Flying Webinars

A series of fun presentations on flying topics to help keep you proficient. Hosted by the You Can Fly Flight Training Team.       GET FREE ACCESS   Pressure Over the Atlantic

Kerry McCauley was flying solo over the North Atlantic to Paris when he discovered an issue with his auxiliary fuel tank. Watch to learn how he found a solution and survived. 
    STEP IN THE COCKPIT Quiz: Winter Weather

Ride along on a cold weather IFR flight and consider what you would do when faced with icing conditions.    ARE YOU READY?     Protect with AOPA   FAA Medicine Summit

Recently, the FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine invited AOPA and other industry stakeholders to participate in an Aviation Medicine Summit via Zoom.   READ MORE Driving Under the Influence & Your Aviation Life: Part I Of II

Part I of this series will discuss some suggested practices if you’re stopped by the police for suspected driving under the influence, whether you’ve had anything to drink or not.     READ MORE   Own with AOPA   AOPA Webinar: How to Buy an Airplane

Let AOPA help you navigate the process of buying an airplane—from pre-buy inspections and title searches, to financing and insurance. Tune in Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM ET. Registration is free.    REGISTER NOW   What Happens Once I’m Approved? 
There are still two steps remaining to securing a loan.    READ MORE Adam Answers 2020 Year in Review

Adam answers in December’s edition.   READ MORE   Hang Out with AOPA   Two hands holding a plush heart 50 Ways to Spread More Kindness in the World

The world would be a completely different place if we all practiced daily random acts of kindness.   READ MORE   Calling All Writers! 

We want you to write a blog for AOPA ‘s Pilot Gear blog, Between the Three-Nine!

If you have ever thought about writing, want to share your thoughts, or are just interested in trying it out, write a blog about your New Year’s resolutions and send it our way! The winner will have their blog featured on Between the Three-Nine in January 2021! 

When you are ready to submit your blog click here or send to the email in the blog prompt linked below.   GET THE BLOG PROMPT     Fly with AOPA   AOPA Flight Training Scholarships Available

Applications Now Open! Flight training scholarship awards are made possible through donations to the AOPA Foundation, these awards can help members reach their aviation goals. Apply today or tell someone you know who would benefit from financial assistance with flight training for a primary certificate or advanced training. 
The deadline for scholarship applications is Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. (EST).   REVIEW AVALIABLE SCHOLARSHIPS   December Pilot Passport Challenge

The Beach Therapy Challenge. Use the App’s Pilot Passport feature to earn island badges in December.   LEARN MORE   Podcasts with AOPA   AOPA Podcast Logo Images   LISTEN NOW       Update your Preference Center
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