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Your FlightPath Has Arrived!

  FlightPath Issue 3.2021     Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter Instagram Instagram YouTube YouTube     Aviator Showcase – Register Now! The AOPA Aviator Showcase is a single-day, consumer-focused event designed to connect pilots and aircraft owners to the general aviation industry. Join us for a high-quality, in-person buying experience with the industry’s leading experts. See us in Manassas, VA on August 27 and Fort Worth, TX on October 1 from 9am-4pm. Tickets are $20 each. Registration is open and required for attendance.

Registration is open and required for attendance.   REGISTER NOW     Learn with AOPA   Botched Go-Around 
  How did this proficient pilot botch a go-around—with tragic consequences? There’s a valuable lesson here on how a situation escalated out of control. Watch this accident analysis from PilotWorkshops.   LEARN MORE   AOPA Webinars to Keep You Sharp

Register for one of these free wide-ranging webinars taught by flying topic experts. Each webinar is designed to keep you informed and safe and, most importantly, to get you to have fun!    CHECK THEM OUT Prerecorded Don’t Get Rusty Pilot Webinars

Watch a series of fun presentations on flying topics to help keep you proficient. Each webinar is hosted by the You Can Fly Flight Training Team.   WATCH NOW   Avoiding prop strikes
  This AOPA Air Safety Institute video examines why prop strikes happen and provides practical tips to protect your propellers, engine, and firewall by ensuring your props are striking air—not the runway, objects, or people.    LEARN MORE   Protect with AOPA   Getting Back in the Cockpit After Heart Surgery

Patients who have these operations obviously appreciate that too. Although there are always exceptions, most patients can get back to pretty normal lives after their recovery. Our pals in the FAA don’t always see things the same way and, justifiably so, have some very strict rules and regulations on getting back in the cockpit after heart surgery.   LEARN MORE   Marriage, new house, new baby, new job?

These are all life-changing events that you anxiously plan for and happily welcome! With these exciting changes and new responsibilities – is your AOPA life insurance coverage still enough?
The recent partnership between AOPA and MetLife provided AOPA members with new lower rates and enhanced benefits on their life insurance plans. That makes this the perfect time to review and update your insurance coverage to make sure it’s keeping up with your changing responsibilities. Visit our improved enrollment site online- and make sure your coverage is keeping up!   LEARN MORE   Own with AOPA   How is the industry adapting to the market?                        What might be the lasting effects that COVID has had on the airplane market?  
    READ MORE     Hang Out with AOPA   Flight Training Experience Survey Closes July 15
  If you’ve had any type of flight training in the past year, tell us about it. We want to hear the good, the bad, and the awesome!   LEARN MORE   Free Ground Shipping at AOPA Pilot Gear!
Can’t make it to Osh? Now’s your chance to grab your favorite gear with FREE GROUND SHIPPING to continental U.S. with code OSHFREESHIP.                 SHOP NOW   Make a Difference with AOPA   Man and woman in airplane cockpit examining a workbook. Donations Get Youth Into Aviation
  You Can Fly’s High School initiative provides STEM-based curriculum to help students discover careers in aviation. Donate during the You Can Fly Challenge and your gift will be doubled!   DOUBLE MY GIFT TODAY   Partner with AOPA   Car driving on the highway Fly Out With ForeFlight and Win!

Flying has never been so rewarding! Follow along each month as ForeFlight and AOPA highlight a new region. Visit any of the partner locations to pick up ForeFlight swag and be entered for the chance to win prizes. Click here to learn more. #FFFLYOUT.   ENTER NOW     Fly with AOPA   AOPA Pilot Passport Challenge

Use the App’s Pilot Passport feature to check-in at as many of the original 13 colonies in July, which include Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia. Top participant with the most check-ins to the 13 colonies will win a 1-year PPS Plus Level Membership.    LEARN MORE   Podcasts with AOPA   AOPA Podcast Logo Images   LISTEN NOW   AOPA Live This Week

Tens of thousands of pilots have found a new way to get the week’s general aviation news. AOPA Live This Week, aviation’s most popular and complete weekly aviation videocast, wraps up the week’s news and features in a 15-minute video package. This free newsletter is your weekly link to AOPA Live This Week. Wherever you are and on whatever device you use from mobile to desktop to TV, lean back and enjoy this quick and complete new approach to general aviation news.   SIGN UP   Make Sure You're Getting the Most out of Your Membership. Click here to see what you're missing!   Is your member profile up to date? To ensure you are getting what you need from AOPA, review your contact information and membership selections, renew your membership, update your proxy voting status , customize your publications, and more!   © 2021 AOPA  •  421 Aviation Way Frederick, MD 21701 US 800.872.2672  •  301.695.2375 Fax
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